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Conflicts with Supervisors and Scientific Misconduct

Central consulting and ombudswoman for the Faculty of Human Sciences

The Albertus Magnus Center is the central consulting office for students interested in doing a doctorate, doctoral candidates and postdocs. Among others, it provides consulting services regarding problems and conflicts with supervisors. Furthermore you can contact the ombudswoman of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Prof. Dr. Jutta Stahl or the ombudsperson of any other faculty. In addition there are information regarding action taken when confronted with suspected cases of scientific misconduct, discrimination or personal problems.

The ombudsman for Claims of Scientific Misconduct is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Avenarius. The substitute ombudsman is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Günter Schwarz.

Special consulting services

Furthermore there are services regarding information for persons in search of advice, sexualized discrimination as well as Counselling and Contact Points in Cases of Discrimination.

Further persons to contact are Liaison Lecturer Prof. Dr. Manuel Zahn, Liasion Lecturer Prof.‘in Dr.‘in Gudrun Hentges and the Faculty of Human Sciences’ Equal Opportunities Officer Dr.‘in Claudia Nikodem.