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Online Exchange via Zoom: "Research in Times of Corona"

Every two weeks on Wednesday, 4 to 5:30 p m

For many junior or mid-career researchers, the Corona pandemic has a massive impact on research activities.

Therefore, we would like to offer you a peer-to-peer online exchange every two weeks in which you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your own experiences and advice with each other, or receive advice and information from (more experienced) researchers.

The exchange peer-to-peer should be the main focus; at the same time, however, each session shall be supervised by experienced colleagues in order to provide additional advice and further information for the exchange.

Fourth session on 15th July 2020: "Ethical Issues and Data Protection"

The exchange on 15th July is aimed at researchers who, in the light of the Corona pandemic, have to face questions of research ethics which previously not have been expected.

How does Corona influence, for example, the risk-benefit assessment for a trial or study?
How are necessary measures for infection protection and contact tracing to be reconciled with data protection?
Which consequences may arise for information and consent of participants?

These or similar questions regarding research projects at the Faculty of Human Sciences are to be discussed during the exchange, no matter if, for certain research projects, an ethics approval is already available, which, however, does not yet take into account the special conditions of the Corona pandemic, or if certain ethical concerns have only arisen due to the Corona pandemic now.

The event will take place in English.
However, it is also possible to ask concrete questions or to contribute to the discussion in German.

The expert:

Prof. Dr. Alexander Gerlach is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and Vice (Managing) Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Human Sciences.

First, Prof. Gerlach will give a brief introduction to some of the most important ethical consequences of the Corona crisis for the planning and conducting of your research projects. After that he will accompany your discussion and will be available to answer specific questions arising from the conception of your respective research projects.


If you are interested in participating in the event, please register at
You will then receive access information to the Zoom exchange.