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Board of Directors and Managing office


Prof. Dr. Jutta Stahl
Dean of Research

Gronewaldstrasse 2
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-5777

Board of Directors


Prof. Dr. Markus Dederich
Special Education, Theory of Special Education and Rehabilitation

Frangenheimstrasse 4
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-1965

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Konstanze Schütze
Juniorprofessur Kunst_Medien_Bildung

Gronewaldstr. 2, Brieffach: 13
50931 Cologne

Telefon +49 221– 470-76430


Prof. Dr. Alfred Schabmann
Pedagogy and Didactics in Special Education with a focus on "Learning"

Klosterstrasse 79b
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-5545

Prof. Dr. Jutta Stahl
Interindividual Differences and Psychological Assessment

Pohligstrasse 1
D-50969 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-6289 / 221 470-8399

Prof. Dr. Birgit Träuble
Developmental Psychology

Bernhard-Feilchenfeld-Strasse 11
D-50969 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-4474

Prof. Dr. Susanne Völker
Methods of Educational and Social Research with special regard to Gender Research / Sociology

Academic director of the central institute "Gender Studies in Köln" (GeStiK) at the University of Cologne

Richard-Strauss-Strasse 2
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-4743

Doctoral candidates' representatives:

Seraphina Auerbach
Doctoral Researcher at the Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education

Innere Kanalstrasse 15, room 4.03 (5th floor, Triforum)
D-50823 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470 7283
E-mail sbader[at]

Susanne Fodor
external Doctoral Researcher in Psychology

E-mail: Graduiertenschule-HF[at]

Eva Hegge
Doctoral Researcher Arts and Theory of Arts

Gronewaldstrasse 2
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470-6323
E-mail: eva.hegge[at]

Marie Sophia Heide
Research Associate at the Chair of Labour and Vocational Rehabilitation

Herbert-Lewin-Strasse 2
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 470 5896

Consultant member:

Dr. Matthias Krepf
Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Empirical Reseach in Schools and Teacher Education with special regard to quantitative methods

Gronewaldstrasse 2a
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 (0)221-470.2758

Managing office

Dr. Caroline Gaus
Managing Director

Gronewaldstrasse 2
D-50931 Cologne

Phone +49 221 570802-13