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The faculty-wide Graduate School “Managing Diversity & Transition – Vielfalt & Wandel gestalten“ forms the institutional framework for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences. Membership in the Graduate Sschool is open to PhD candidates from all subjects represented at the faculty. It is possible for those who already received admission to doctoral studies.

Membership of the Graduate School does not include any obligations but offers various possibilities for PhD candidates to improve the conditions of their doctoral studies.

Graduate School members regularly have the opportunity to report their needs in scientific qualification, counseling, networking or further support and thus participate in shaping the program of the Graduate School.

They are represented at the board of directors by elected representatives so they take part in decisions about the development of the program, participate in the granting of financial support and have the opportunity to introduce the doctoral candidates' point of view into the shaping of the framework for doctoral studies at the faculty.

Members can participate at no charge in workshops, lectures, and other events organized by the Graduate School.

For members who voluntarily and actively contribute beyond this to the Graduate School’s concept for supervision, the Graduate provides additional offers. Active members are invited to apply for financial or organizational support by the Graduate School so they can either realize their first own projects like, for example, the organization of guest lectures, work groups, workshops or seminars or they can receive funding for their conference travels or research stays abroad or stipends for completing their dissertation.