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The Section Gender and Diversity Management provides general information and help regarding doctoral studies with disabilities or chronic illnesses at the University of Cologne.

Doing a doctorate with a chronic illness or disability

PROMI is an inclusive offer provided by the Chair of Labour and Vocational Rehabilitation that offers helpful resources regarding PhDs and disability and information about the Peer Support for students interested in doing a doctorate and doctoral candidates with disability, chronic illnesses or psychological disorders.

The Albertus Magnus Center serves as a central office for information, consulting and advanced training for interested students, doctorate candidates and postdocs.

If you are interested in doing a doctorate, the central office “Inclusion” will provide you with consulting to help you find the necessary means and support.

Doctoral candidates with disability or chronic illnesses employed at the University of Cologne can also contact the Disability Representation (website only in German) or Employee and Manager Counselling.

The Commissioner for students with disability or chronic illnesses is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Hennemann. The substitute commissioner is Univ.-Prof.'in Dr.'in Pamela Perniss.