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Treffen am 31.01.2024 ausschließlich online!

Am Mittwoch, 31.01.2024 muss der Peer-Austausch zu qualitativen Methoden ausnahmsweise ausschließlich online stattfinden.

Sie erreichen das Peer-Treffen via Zoom hier:
Meeting-ID: 948 8083 1340
Passwort: 293334

Peer exchange on qualitative methods on Wednesday

Wednesday, 31st January, 2024,4:00-5:30 p.m.

The meeting will take place at the

Seminarraum der Graduiertenschule:

"City-Passage Lindenthal", 1. OG
Dürener Straße 89
50931 Köln

In the meeting, we will further discuss approaches to qualitative data analysis.

Interested participants are welcome to present their own experiences with qualitative data analysis in the context of their empirical research projects and to share and discuss them with the other participants. Reports and discussions about other approaches than thematic analysis are also very welcome if you already work with them or are planning to do so.

Any kind of report is welcome: You can describe your progress and give tips on working techniques that have proved particularly useful for your work; but reports on difficulties with the data material or other problems for which a solution can be sought together in the round are also welcome.

Dr. Vanessa Torres van Grinsven will be available both for facilitation and for questions and advice during the meetings.
Laptop and beamer will be available in case someone wants to use a presentation, but you are also welcome to present freely or use other materials.

Number of participants and registration:

If you are interested in the meeting, we are looking forward to your registration via e-mail to
We hope for your understanding that, in order to have a real peer exchange about your own research projects, there should be at least three participants in the meeting.
In case of less than three registrations the meeting would have to be postponed to one of the next following dates.

ILIAS folder:

The presence meetings are flanked by an ILIAS folder, which you can access via the following link:

If you feel like presenting an approach to data analysis yourself, or if you would like to contribute information or suggestions to the exchange in advance, you have the opportunity here to open a chat, post a contribution to the forum, or deposit materials that you find important for the exchange.

Participants who do not have a UzK account can contact the Graduate School (Graduiertenschule-HF[at]; they will then receive a temporary account to access the folder.

Online participation:

If you cannot be on site on January 1st but would like to attend the meeting you have the opportunity to participate online.

You can access the methods meeting online via the following link:
Meeting ID: 948 8083 1340
Password: 293334